Vita Athletics “Training Humans To Conquer The Sport Of Life”

Founded in Summit, NJ in 2015, Vita Athletics is one of the strongest fitness brands in the tri-state area today. Vita Athletics signature method is based on Functional High Intensity Training (HIIT) as well as obstacle-based training.   

Since day one, Vita Athletics has innovated the fitness landscape. First, Our 60-minute signature Vita Tempo workout includes a blend of functional high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit strength training and compound training. We turn the lights down, the music up and push you to your limits with our deliberately crafted tempo intervals paired with targeted strength training designed for all skill levels. Muscle groups and workouts vary throughout the week so that each class feels new, fun and exciting. A one-hour Vita Tempo class can burn up to 1,000 calories. Additionally what continues to separate Vita Athletics is the Vita SGX classes which focus on Obstacle Racing Technique & Training. This Spartan Race obstacle course inspired workout optimizes performance in obstacle races as well as daily life. Our trademark obstacle training facility is recognized as one of a few official Reebok Spartan Race Training centers around the world.

Our workouts are purposefully programmed and include highly effective exercises with an almost obsessive attention to detail. Each workout is designed to be universal and equally effective regardless of gender, fitness level or experience. Our coaches expertly modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternative moves that vary in intensity, providing everyone an exciting and fun Vita Athletics experience.

The nightclub-atmosphere with heart-pumping, adrenaline rushing playlists paired with our elite-level coaches leave every athlete sweating, smiling and coming back for more. We are also proud to be recognized as the only studio in the northeast with two Lululemon store ambassadors, and one being recognized as a global brand ambassador in 2017.

Members of the Vita Athletics community aka “Vita Warriors” visit the studio each week and use classes or monthly memberships to build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, burn fat and push themselves to reach their physical and mental potential. You can get a workout anywhere, we provide the atmosphere, energy, motivation, and a genuine sense of caring that separates us from any other studio.

Address: 320 Springfield Avenue | Summit, NJ 07901
Instagram: @vitaathletics
Facebook: Vita Athletics