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After starting with them five months ago I have lost over 20 pounds, made a significant jump in my fitness level that my wife refers to as transformational. I find myself signing up for 5ks and 6k trail runs, finishing well, and overtaking many runners in the late leg of the race. I have found new gears I didn’t know I had.

Rene R.

I’ve had a lot of coaches in my life, but none like Coach Dominick. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself, which just pushes you further than you could imagine.

Lisa F.

Thank you Coach Laura and her Vita Youth program! I’ve really noticed that both of my children are much better coordinated and their core strength and ability and desire to repeat what they’ve learned at home is truly outstanding.
So glad they have access to Vita and your excellent coaching.

Eileen W.

The Vita Athletics coaches extend themselves above and beyond all expectation to ensure their members achieve their fitness goals. In my opinion, Vita Athletics is the only gym in existence that has ever given genuine authenticity to the often tossed around expression of “Fit Family”. My membership with Vita Athletics genuinely transformed me from an average gym going, pseudo fitness enthusiast, to an established and confident, sponsored athlete. Don’t take my word for it, seek the experience for yourself!

Chrissy S.

Just got out of Vita Tempo Arms & Abs and loved the High Intensity Interval Training focusing specifically on arms and abs! The compound exercises are gonna have me feeling happily sore tomorrow! Dominick had great energy and is so supportive no matter your level of athleticism. Ill definitely be back!

Addie B.

Spent an afternoon at Vita Athletics for a Spartan SOS class. An incredible place to train for functional fitness…and great owners.

Anthony S.

Awesome workouts every time!. Always great energy from trainers and other gym goers. Everyone is so supportive, if you don’t know a move, someone always volunteers to help you. It’s a very clean gym and they have the best workout music! Just try it, you won’t regret it!

Karen G.

Great facility filled with great people and awesome trainers. Always challenging you and pushing you beyond your limits. And it’s attached to Vita Organic Foods!

Bruce S.

Great work out knowledgeable instructors. Group setting is great to push yourself beyond what you would do on your own! Love it !

Marcus M.

Great workout!!! Great crowd!!!! Great instructors and quality sessions!!!!

John P.

Amazing coaches,programming,facilities, and equipment..bonus, organic snacks and food next door for a great post workout meal or some fuel for when you are about to pass out during a Vita Tough workout! Do yourself a favor and register for a workout!

Chris C.

If you are looking to feel great, go to Vita Athletics! I always enjoy working out here because of the support and motivation provided by the excellent, passionate staff. By far my favorite place to work out! Thank you Vita!

Kimber L.

Great place to start training and get your sweat on! Although many of the workouts seem intimidating to some, if not all beginners, there are always modifications that the coaches will set you up with. For the advanced athletes, if you’re looking to push your limits and further improve your overall fitness, their workouts will deliver just that. Form and technique are taught properly as well. The coaches are very helpful. There are no egos, negativity, or pressure from anyone in this facility, which is important to me when I first join a new gym. It’s hard to pick my favorite class because every workout is different and challenging. Check out their facility and app!

Jacqueline S.

Fantastic and fun Spartan SGX work out last night with Dominick! I wanted to work on obstacle training technique and this completely exceeded my expectations. The first workout is free and there is a wide range of different classes depending on your goals. I will definitely be back!!

Michelle K.

The best place & people on the road to optimal health!

Alyssa F.

Fantastic facility with even better coaches. This is a must do for anybody looking to stay fit and active no matter your condition.

Gene S.

I’ve been going since the first class opened and I will say that I will never go anywhere else. Never before have I found the exact type of work I’ve been looking for that not only challenges me EVERY time but prevents me from plateauing. I’ve learned there is always room to improve and all of the coaches help you get there with their motivational, emotional, and physical support. They commit to finding you a solution and help you hold yourself accountable – when you’re there expect nothing less than excellence from yourself! The market that is attached is a godsend for those days you didn’t have time to prepare a meal or snack properly, and Chef Adele’s creations hit the spot every time. A community worth joining and growing with – because believe me, we’re all in it together!

Erin S.

Great team of coaches and a workout that’s always challenging. These guys will take your abilities to the next level without a doubt.

Shaun H.

I started coming to classes around June 2016. I received joyous welcome. All the coaches and staff are super nice and encouraging. They have that no give up attitude and I get pushed to challenge myself.

Cindy S.

I love Vita Athletics! I’ve been going since they opened in 2015. As a 46yr guy, getting healthy was my reason for seek out a gym. I wasn’t consistently working out on my own. Each class has people with varying levels of fitness which the coaches are able to accommodate and still challenge us. Their workouts challenge my strength and cardio conditioning every time! I’ve never left a class without feeling like I’ve ‘done work’. There is no standing around, waiting for equipment, plenty of kettle bells and wreck bags to go around. The Early Bird classes start my day and leave me energized and raises my metabolism. Saturday SGX classes gets me geared up for OCR and Spartan races. I’ve had friends come for classes that wanted to prep for OCR races. And I’ve family members come that wanted to get back in shape. I recommend Vita Athletics to anyone that wants to commit to a healthier life style!!

Robert K.